Dan is a world traveler and entrepreneur who has survived a lightning strike, speaks German, and freelances as a corporate branding consultant.  Before he had graduated college at age 19, Dan had already started a multi-media production business, Weecks Productions, LLC,  become the youngest member on the Board of Directors for AC4GC, a non-profit corporation located in Phoenix, Arizona devoted to preserving and promoting Germanic cultures, as well as a BoD Member for the New Life Society. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation which provides support and educational services for organ and tissue transplant donors and recipients.

In late 2012, Dan was appointed Executive Festival Director and Chairman of the Zeitgest Medien Fest (International Film Festival), AC4GC’s newest program, and Dan also became the newest member on the Phoenix Oktoberfest planning committee.  Charged with branding the first and on-going ZMF film festival, Dan designed a website, festival structure and design and implemented promotional strategies, as well as built a cohesive plan which has made the festival a financial and social success, ultimately benefiting Arizona’s communities as well as the Arizona Center for Germanic Cultures.  Since 2012, Dan has traveled the world spreading the word about the ZMF Intl. Film Festival and has lectured at universities and colleges in the USA, Austria, and Germany.