Born in Austria, John spent his formative years living in Paris, where he was exposed to countless beautiful works of art and sculpture.  From these early experiences touring the galleries and museums in Paris and Versailles , he developed an interest in the arts as a profession.  He received his formal training with a correspondence course from Famous Artist School, based in Westport, CT., then later attended Paier Art School in New Haven, CT (now called Paier College of Art ).  He studied with important artists of their time (who also taught at Yale University), such as, Rudi Zallinger- (Mural painter of dinosaurs), Jean Zallinger (book Illustrator), Ken Davies- (Fine focus still-life), Dean Keller (Portrait painter extraordinaire), and many other equally famous and well-known artists such as Robert Zappolardi (Landscape painter), and John Massimino (colorist).  During his last year at Paier, John received an honorable mention in the DeBeer’s diamond Jewelry competition for men in NYC.

Soon after graduation from art school, John worked as an Art Director for an NBC television station in Waco, Texas, where he produced, directed, and for two years hosted his own on-air art segment to the station’s local noon news and entertainment show, as well as designing and building news sets and displays for the station. During this time, John also painted landscapes and still-lifes for The Texas Art Gallery in Dallas.  He taught art classes at the Temple Cultural Activities Center and served as president to the Bell Fine Arts group in Belton, Texas, and worked as a freelance courtroom sketch artist for TV news stations in the central Texas area.

In New York City, he worked illustrating books, designing and carving waxes for the jewelry industry, and restoring antique toys and collectables for many diverse galleries in NYC.  He was the first place recipient in the Circa Da Vinci outdoor landscape painting competition for two consecutive years.  He was co-recipient of the New Jersey Art Directors’ Club award for two paintings in a ten painting series; Red Badge of Courage and Tale of Two Cities.  He has received numerous awards in miniature paintings and special recognition in Arizona for historical building paintings of Peoria.  His illustration have appeared in publications such as Colliers, McMillan, Riverside Publishing,  Dutton and Random House.  He continues to create movie posters and take portrait commissions as well as painting landscapes.

John’s many interests include custom jewelry-making, custom furniture building, antique restoration, portrait-painting, cultural music performance, and working in the video production and movie-making business with  Dan Weecks (Weecks Production, LLC) as well as a facilitator for Courtney Bailey of Ivy Savoy, LLC.

John Weecks