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Highlight Reel - the Talk Around Town show

Operation Puppy Rescue: Mobile, AL

Odysea in the Desert - an oasis in Arizona

HU Digital Media Arts

Bowling with the Mayor - Raising 100k

TAT in Europe - sneak peak

Wagner Harmonika Schule - American TV Feature

Marijuana: Friend or Foe?

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FIRST LOOK - Greater the movie review

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South Bat

AZ Gives Day- Jim's Pool Challenge

The Twins do a Tongue Twister

Aero Jet Services

Unite for Freedom International

S2E16: Season Finale

S2E15: DJ Spin Off

S2E14: Arizona Snowbowl

S2E13: Holiday Landlord/Tenant Issues

S2E12: Take Me Home Huey

S2E11: Ghoulish Faces

S2E9: Halloween Spooktacular

S2E8: Biosphere 2 - A Wonder of the World

S2E7: The Final Frontier

S2E6: The Avengers, Intergalactic Warfare

S2E5: The Horror Show & Legal Q&A

S2E4: Reba's Vision & Soul Food

S2E3: Expediting Travel

S2E2: Skydiving & Candy

S2E1: Kittens and Candy

Preview: Comedian Amy Blackwell

Boots the Kitten Nanny - SNEAK PEAK

Season 1 Highlight Reel

S1E24 - The Beard Slayer

S1E23 - Leutenant Dan & Major John

S1E22- Tricks Casinos DON'T Want You to Know

S1E21- Notes from Neptune & LS

S1E20 - A Piece of Mars

Arizona Renaissance Festival preview

S1E19- Arizona Renaissance Festival

S1E18- The Bats & Bees

S1E17- Dancing, Music, and Supplements

S1E16- Fitness, Drama, & Entertainment

S1E15- 10 Cokes a Day

S1E14- Real Life Bagpipes

S1E13- All About Love

S1E12- NLS

S1E11- Politician in the House

S1E10- Laws of Robotics

S1E9- Virtual Reality

S1E8- Celebrity Singer Ashley Nicole

S1E7- To Beard or Not To Beard?

S1E6- Payne Birds

S1E5- Free drinks!

S1E4- Modern Lighting

S1E3- Cyber Security & Loosing Weight

S1E2- Private Jets & Design Tips

Season 2 Highlight Reel